Dave Henry (davehenry) wrote,
Dave Henry

MIT Update and ask for help

It's been a while since I revealed the Secret Plan, and I figured that some of you are probably wondering, "So what's Dave's status with MIT?"

That, plus I could use some help.

Ironically, the fate of my re-admission to MIT is being determined by an anonymous group, known only to me as "The Committee". The Committee has decided that, before they allow me back into a degree program, they'd like to see how I perform in an academic setting -- just elsewhere. Course VI (EECS (the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department)) has more or less said, "as far as we're concerned, if there was a course you could take here that started tomorrow, we'd camp out overnight in order to reserve you a front row seat."

Now, I can understand the Course VI point of view on this. I am, after all, an accomplished Geek who speaks nearly fluent Human, and, once in a while, has been known to pass as Human (briefly (in the right lighting)) while maintaining my Geek sensibilities. Plus, I'm just generally a good guy to have around.

On the other hand, if I'm willing to be objective, I can also understand The Committee's point of view. It has been.... (let's see: it's now June of 2008, and I was last in an actual class at MIT in December of 1986, so that means...) well, let's just say it's been a while.

So I understand that they not only want to ensure that I'm serious about this, but that they don't want to see me set myself up for failure by going back in before I'm ready.

That said, it's a little annoying. You see, 6.01 (the Institute Lab course that is a foundation to any Course VI degree) is only offered in the Fall. So that means that if I don't want to delay things for another year, I need to find, take, and pass with at least a B grade two courses this summer.

Oh, yes, 2. (I'd mentioned 2, right? I meant to say 2....) You see, The Committee would like to see my performance in courses, not in a course.

So, here's the part where I ask for help.

I need help finding, local to the Boston/Worcester area, summer courses that teach:
  1. Something equivalent to 18.06 (that's Linear Algebra to you folks who went someplace that likes words better than numbers).
  2. The python programming language.

The thoughts being that:
  1. 18.06 is a prerequisite for the degree I'm going for and although Course VI won't accept transfer credit from other schools, Course XVIII (the Mathematics department) will.
  2. Apparently knowledge of python will prove useful in other courses, and they aren't going to let me get away with taking a course in a language I've coded in previously.

So, please, if anyone can help me find courses that meet either of the above criteria, or can point me in the direction of something that will help narrow my search, I will not only award a Bonus Point, but also put you on the Dave's Graduation Party Planning Committee (plus, I'll be, like, all really, really thankful and stuff).

Tags: bonus points, help, mit
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