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Dave Henry
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About These Notes
These notes provide a way for the author to get out some of the things that are stuck in his head. By doing so, you, the reader, are not only provided a glimpse into what it's like inside Dave's head, but also given an opportunity to contribute to it.

October 2009
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Dave Henry [userpic]
Busy Weekend

So, I haven't posted in a while, in part, I think, because I have this idea in the back of my head that my postings should be well thought-out and have some sort of profound point. Well, this one meets neither of those criteria.

Near Hallowe'en, things always get busy for our family, and this year was no exception, but this time I took more pictures.

Friday there was a Hallowe'en party at ATA and then pokerclub.

Saturday Clone #1 had a soccer game, then we drove up to Maine for a Hallowe'en party with letterboxers that remcat knows.

Sunday Clone #2's Cub Scout Den had an outing for which I ran the game.

Outside of the activities I managed to accomplish a few of the things I had wanted to this weekend, including applying my CDO to my Flickr sets and collections.


Somehow I find the idea of a Halloween party at the ATA pretty amusing. :-)

Any progress on the school front?