Dave Henry (davehenry) wrote,
Dave Henry

European Update

The score so far:
Countries: 4
Plane flights: 5
Presentations scheduled to give: 4
Presentations given: 7

You learn a lot when you travel. Here's some brief bits that some to mind:

  • The phone company telling you you'll have service overseas is not the same as having service overseas.
  • Plane flight is uncomfortable in any language.
  • People are generally friendly and very welcoming to the tourist in the group.
  • After midnight, German TV becomes soft porn.
  • Turns out there's more than one airport that is the "Frankfurt Airport".
  • Same is true for Venice...
  • Europe gets some weird version of MTV that actually plays music...
  • The Germans are still talking about this guy who came out last June and presented for an hour with only one Power Point slide. Apparently, doing over an hour and a half without any slides is even more impressive - or at least different than what they usually get.
  • Venice is even more beautiful than I ever imagined it to be.

More as I get Internet access.

Oh, and picture being uploaded to my European Tour 2009 Flickr Set as I get access.
Tags: travel
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