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Dave Henry
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These notes provide a way for the author to get out some of the things that are stuck in his head. By doing so, you, the reader, are not only provided a glimpse into what it's like inside Dave's head, but also given an opportunity to contribute to it.

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Dave Henry [userpic]
European Tour 2009 - Round Two!

Well, apparently the feedback from our partner was good -- they're willing to pay to bring us back to run more trainings. I'll be running 3 or 4 trainings back-to-back-to-back in each of 5 different cities over two weeks.

Monday I fly out and will be going to Paris, and then Rome. I'll spend the weekend in Rome - which should be awesome. Then the second week I'll be going to Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen, and then flying back to Boston on the 6th.

All of the cities except Stockholm will be brand new to me, and I'd happily return to Stockholm...

I'll be unreachable by phone while I'm gone, but I should have access to email at least once a day. I'll try to get pictures posted as I go, and will post a link to them here.

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And at some point you have to tell me when you're leaving on Monday, so I don't abandon your kids without care :)