Dave Henry (davehenry) wrote,
Dave Henry

Dave and Stefan's European Tour 2009: Round 3 is a Go!

Work is sending me to Europe again. I'll be gone almost two weeks. The intinerary looks something like this:

  • Sunday 18 Oct - Leave Boston
  • Monday 19 Oct - layover in Frankfurt, fly to Dubai
  • Thursday 22 Oct - Fly Dubai --> Istanbul
  • Sunday 25 Oct - Fly Istanbul --> Stockholm
  • Tuesday 27 Oct (early) - Fly Stockholm --> Brussels
  • Tuesday 27 Oct (late) - Drive Brussels --> Amsterdam
  • Friday 30 Oct - Fly Amsterdam --> Washington, Dulles --> Boston

I'll be out of touch phone-wise, but should be on email every couple days. I'll post pictures when I can...
Tags: life, travel, work
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