January 1st, 2009

Manga Dave

A New Year, A Clean Sweep, and A Request for Help

A New Year

First, the obvious: Hello, and welcome to 2009. Happy New Year to you and yours.

A Clean Sweep

Two things I'm doing to get ready to face 2009:

  1. I'm going to stop taking posting to LiveJournal so damn seriously. I have all these ideas I keep thinking about posting, but then I never do because I have this idea in my head that I need to write it all out very thoroughly and well-developed. I don't know why I think this - I mean it's not like this is a professional blog (like the internal one I'm starting up at work, or the possible public one that might be coming soon (more on those later)). LiveJournal (for me anyway) is about staying in touch and having fun. So, I officially give myself permission to post short, off-the-top-of-my-head stuff when it occurs to me. If I come up with a better thought-out version later, I can always post a follow-up.
  2. I'm getting really organized and disciplined on my 3x5 card tracking system. When I use it, it works. When I don't, things slip through the cracks. I've been pretty good about it the past couple months, but I want to kick it up to the next level. I'm up to too much stuff that I have no intention of dropping and given a choice, I'd prefer to excel at all of it. :-) (I'll post more later about why I, one of the more High-Tech geeks I know, has chosen to go so Old School for this.)

A Request for Help

To really put number 2 into effect, and to start making the card catalog functional rather than decorative, I need to find a hole punch that will put a 3/8-inch hole in standard index cards.

It turns out that your "standard-size hole punch for three-ring binders, etc. punched a 1/4-inch hole. That's big enough to allow the metal guide in the catalog drawers to go through the cards, but not to allow them to be flipped through. With a 3/8-inch hole, the cards can stay secured in the drawer and be flipped through easily.

Now, I know for a fact that, at some point in time, people manufactured 3/8-inch hole punches. As proof of this, I point to every library card catalog that was ever easy to use, and well as the measurement I took of the hole in the cards that came in one of the drawers of my card catalog. So, logically, there must be some out there somewhere.

I, however, have had exactly zero luck finding one. I've tried every office supply store I know in the area. I've searched online. I've called all the big chain office supply places I could think of. I've called Staples' specialty store (did you know Staples had a specialty store? I didn't before this search).

So, I appeal to y'all in the hopes that someone has better luck with search engines than me, or just that someone might know where to find one. Ideally, I'm looking for two different things:

  1. A small hand-held 3/8-inch single-hole punch for doing one card at a time.
  2. Something that will let me punch a 3/8-inch hole in multiple 3x5 cards at once (I've thought about using a drill press to put a hole through an entire 100-pack of cards before I use them, but I don't know if this would work and I don't own a drill press).

Any pointers to where I might acquire either (or especially both) of the above will earn not only my eternal gratitude and esteem, but also, upon successful acquisition, a Bonus Point. :-)

Happy 2009 everyone, and best of luck on your own quests in the new year....