January 13th, 2009

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Travel Update

I'm off to Europe!

The partner I did training for in Germany last June asked work if they could send me back to train them some more. (In the current economic climate, having your company's largest European partner ask for you, specifically, can't hurt...) Work said, "well, money's tight, we don't know..." Partner said, "what if we paid for flights and hotels and you cover the rest?" Work said, "hey, that'll work." Partner said, "well, if we're going to pay to bring him out, we want him to do training in all our offices." I said, "Wow."

So, during the next week and a half or so, I'm running trainings in 4 cities in Europe, plus I have this coming weekend to myself. I managed to find a cheap airfare deal, so I have a 24-hour side-trip to Venice -- a place I have always wanted to see. The rest of the trip I'll have a couple seasoned European travelers with me, but the Venice trip is my own personal adventure into a country I've never been to and where I don't speak the language.

The schedule looks something like this:

  • Tue 13 Jan - fly Boston to London
  • Thu 15 Jan - fly London to Dublin
  • Fri 16 Jan - fly Dublin to Frankfurt
  • Sat 17 Jan - fly Frankfurt to Venice
  • Sun 18 Jan - fly Venice to Frankfurt
  • Wed 21 Jan - fly Frankfurt to Stockholm
  • Sat 24 Jan - fly Stockholm to London to Boston

I expect to have Internet at the training venues if not at the hotels, so I'll upload pictures to Flickr as much as I'm able to.

I am, obviously, most excited about the Venice portion of the trip. I've always wanted to see Venice. I'll be staying at a hotel right on the Grand Canal. You can see pictures of the place here. I'm looking forward to walking the streets of Venice, to smoking a cigar while riding a gondola, and, ideally, getting involved in a high-speed jet ski chase through the canals, although I'm prepared to be happy with just achieving 2 out of 3 of these.

Trips reports, etc. upon my return. See you in a couple weeks!
MIT, Brass Rat

It's Official

My last act before fleeing the country was to register for Linear Algebra for undergraduate credit at the Harvard University Extension School.

I officially are a student again.

kirisutogomen, mathhobbit, and treptoplax: I'll be needing your cell phone numbers and 24x7 access between now and the final exam... :-)
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