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Dave Henry
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About These Notes
These notes provide a way for the author to get out some of the things that are stuck in his head. By doing so, you, the reader, are not only provided a glimpse into what it's like inside Dave's head, but also given an opportunity to contribute to it.

October 2009
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Dave Henry [userpic]

When I went out to shovel this morning, I found two separate very clear sets of tracks in the new-fallen snow.

The first was from a rather large cat who came up the driveway, spent a while trying but finally succeeded in squeezing under our gate, went under the deck, out the other side, and left via the diagonally-opposite corner of the back yard. The straight-line of the path taken leads me to suspect this cat's done this before.

The second was from a smallish rabbit who explored our front yard, came into the driveway, spent a while underneath my car, then hopped off further down the street.

Then I saw cardinals in at the neighbor's birdfeeder.

I'm hoping the increased animal activity is an omen of an early spring.

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